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12, Rue du Meix-Grenot
21700 Magny-les-Villers
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Domaine naudin Ferrand Magny les villers

Claire favorites' list

When we find craftspeople whose products we fall in love with, someone adhering to the same principles as those dear to use, we recommend them to you here.

Traditional food

You have discovered them during our open days...



In the Languedoc garrigue, this family owned olive trees domain welcome you to share their passion for olive oil

Ferme de Clavisy

La Ferme de Clavisy

Organic lamb and veal: The Verdin family settled at the Clavisy farm (Noyers-sur-Serein) at the end of the 17th century. They sell directly to the consumers

Domaine Le Petit Corfeuil

Le Petit Corfeuil - Famille Naulin

A 62 hectares domain on an old celtic road at the border of Morvan, they raise ducks to prepare delicious fat liver, preserves, and meals.

Fromagerie Saunière

La Fromagerie de Saunière

Outstanding cheeses, available here in Burgundy, at the marché des Halles Centrales in Dijon, and at the Marché Raspail in Paris

Salaisons du Morvan

Les Salaisons du Morvan

Saussages and other specialties, meat cuts from locally farmed animals

Safran de Bourgogne

Le Safran de Bourgogne

Sylvie LAGIER, produces burgundian saffron in Noiron sous Gevrey.

France Haliotis

France Haliotis

A producer of ormeaux, a rare shell fish, similar to abalone. Claire suggests our Bourgogne Hautes-Cotes de Nuits blanc (2007), very pleasant with pan seared ormeaux. Try also the Clou 34

Lo Corti de Savoie

Lo Corti de Savoie

Fruit and vegetable preserves from ingredients grown in the Alps, and cooked the traditional way in copper bassins.

L'Escargot Bourguignon

Snail farming in Vernot (21) 

Other craftsmen

Jane Norbury

Jane Norbury

You have appreciated Jane Norbury at our Open Days. Discover her work here at the Atelier des Neuf Portes à Changey (Saisy)

Raphael Mallon

Raphael Mallon

An artist that you met at the open doors. He designed the label for our Bourgogne Aligoté.

Heko Koster

Heko Koster

Heko is a photographer. He has shown his work at our open doors

Denis Gadenne

Denis Gadenne

Denis is a photographer. He has shown his work at our open doors

Nathalie Canivet

Natalie Canivet

Discover the ceramic jewelries of Nadine Canivet in Comblanchien.

Savonnerie Solsequia

Savonnerie Solsequia

hand made soap issued from sustainable ingredients.

Al Terre

Atelier Al-Terre

The shop AL-TERRE POTERIE in Saint-Cyprien sur Dourdou is where Anne-Laure manufactures clay pots and useful items

Oizeaux de Passage

Les Oizeaux de Passage

Equitable craftsmanship from Zimbabwe to decorate your surroundings in recycled metal animals.