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Naudin-Ferrand - Wine Craftswomanship

Réouverture du Domaine Claire Naudin

In the name of the Naudin Ferrand Domain, I am honored to welcome you here. You will find here technical and commercial info but also my thoughts about the current year, our daily work, and thoughts on the last 20 years. You are welcome to pay us a visit at the domain, in Magny-les-Villers, for a wine tasting or a face to face discussion, but please call ahead.

Following a series of weather whims (drought leading to large crop losses in 2019 and 2020 and frost this spring), the domain is sorely lacking in wine.
So we decided to give priority to our old and loyal customers, and are no longer able to serve new customers for the time being. For customers already in our books, we still offer the opportunity to pre-orders:

- You contact us at or by phone at +33 3 80 62 91 50 to receive our latest price list by email (if you haven't receive it yet)
- you place your order by e-mail or phone
- we send you an invoice by mail after confirming product availability
- you wire your payment or send us a check
- you make an appointment to collect your order.
If you are new to the domain and want to discover our wines, do not hesitate to contact us. We can either recommend some wine stores that may carry our wines, or direct you to other winemakers we recommand in the "Hautes-Côtes"
My team and I thank you for your understanding.
We hope to see you soon.

Finally, for any question, do not hesitate to write to : I'll do my best to answer quickly, while obviously allocating my time for the vineyard first.


Claire Naudin

The domain uses a service provider for the harvest crews

I decided to outsource the harvest since 2017. No more harvesters based at the Domain, only a small team in the cellar A significant step for the Domain but the best solution to keep the manual harvest we so much care for. Thank you for all that helped us in the past.

Accessing the Domain

Opening Time, by appointment only

From Monday to Friday: 8h - 12h and 13H30 - 17H30.
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

We can only welcome you properly with an appointment. Contact us before your visit:

Group visits are organized on appointment, only on an exceptional basis considering the volume of wine available.

To find us

In the village you will find indications to the domain.

Notre Vignoble

Our domain covers about 22 hectares of vineyard, some prestigious parcels in Aloxe, Ladoix, Echezeaux, Nuit St Georges, and 80% in regional appellations. Our history is intimately linked to the "Hautes-Côtes" appellation. Initially little known, the domain has developed following the birth of this appellation in 1961.

Map of the parcels of Domain Naudin-Ferrand

Many generations of winemakers have built our domain. One after the other, they knew how to work the vine and express the best of the fruit. Each new generation has been a source of renewal and dynamism, of questioning and new projects.

Today a team of 7 workers (a wine master, an oenologist and one accountant) work closely with Claire Naudin and her parents now retired. All share the love of the vineyard and the wine.

Production reaches 130 à 150 000 bottles per year. Our wines are sold in our cellar, or shipped to French or export destinations: European destinations like Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark but also Australia, Canada, the United States, Japan, etc.

Virtual Visit of Domaine Naudin Ferrand

Claire Naudin regularly publishes pictures on her Instagram account Le Domaine Naudin Ferrand sur Instagram

You'll find older pictures below

The Domaine Naudin-Ferrand History

Claire NaudinClaire Naudin took the Domain Naudin Ferrand in 1994 to shape it to her own personality. She believes in sustainable winemaking, and refuses standardization to return to traditional methods. Her wines deeply rooted in Burgundian tradition carry all her sensitivity, and a promise of a better future, including carbon accounting. As a woman winemaker, passionnate mother of 3, she wants to perpetuate what she has received. Here is the history of Domain Naudin-Ferrand:


Our ancestors, the Naudin, live in Nantoux. They are laborers in the vineyards

1850 - Three Naudin Brothers

The first two marry two sisters, the third one stays alone, as there is no third sister. He will marry another woman but will never be happy. At his death, he bequeaths his vines to the village of Magny-lès-Villers.

40 years later, one of their descendant, Louis Naudin, an orphan, is raised in Ladoix with his uncles who initiates him to the pig trade and the work in the vineyard. He marries Amélie Bonnardot, from Magny-lès-Villers. He is a successful merchant, earns a good living and, around 1892, builds in Magny a nice house... the one you see in our logo.

In 1896, they have a son, Henri Naudin Sr. Like his father, he has two activities: suckling pigs and wine making. Clearly he prefers the wine making activities.

1922 - Claire and Henri

IN 1922, Henri marries Claire Deroye, the daughter of wealthy farmers in the Auxois plains. Claire discovers the work of the vineyard but she has a lot of energy and entrepreneurship. She will encourage her husband to plant more vines and buy more land.

Claire would like him to buy Cordons, even Aloxe-Corton. They can afford those prestigious acquisitions but Henri is concerned by the distance traveled by horse. He prefers to stay on the village of Magny. He knows the family history and buys back some of the lands bequeathed by his ancestor to the village. They are abandoned but he knows he will do something with them.

The good years, he sells his wines as far as the Loire region under the label Henri Naudin-Deroye.

They have two daughters, Jeanne who will work all of her live in the vineyard, and Marie-Thérèse, who will leave the domain, then one son, Henri (Jr.)

Claire and Henri will transmit to their son their passion for wine. He will quickly follow their footsteps in the vineyard and the wine. He does not care much for school that he abandons early. In 1947 at 16, he makes his first wine with his father. He learns much with other young people from the area who want to progress in their trade. Little by little, he buys his own parcels, and plants his first vines.

Au revoir Henri Naudin

1964 - Liliane et Henri

In 1964 he marries Liliane Ferrand, from Chamboeuf, above Gevrey-Chambertin and sells his wine with the Naudin-Ferrand label. Indeed, Henri Naudin Sr. keeps making and selling his own wines with his own vines, until his passing.

Liliane quickly stops working in the vineyard to take care of her three daughters, and to assume the responsibility of welcoming private customers, a clientele developing slowly but regularly. The first mailing of Liliane, in 1974, was 70 names long, all hand written on a piece of paper covered on both sides with Liliane small handwriting.

Henri is a hard worker, and at the end of the sixties, he plans to reclaim another plot "en Bully", on the land of his ancestors. This is the birth of the Orchis Mascula, or at least its vineyard that will give this wine 40 years later in 1998.

1989-1990 Anne, Marie or Claire?

Liliane and Henri have three daughters, Anne, Marie and Claire: no man to take the domain?

IN 1989 Henri is ready to break the domain apart: what to do with three daughters, two of which in higher education studies? But in 1990 there is a ray of hope.

1991 - Claire Naudin

After the vinification 1991 in Magny under her father's supervision, and a 5 month internship in Australia in 1992, then a degree in agronomy and one in oenology, Claire returns definitively to the domain in June 1992.

In September 1993, Henri decides that CLaire will lead the team. She discover suddenly a new dimension in her job. In January 1994 CLaire settles definitively at the domain to take full charge of it. The EARL Domaine Henri Naudin-Ferrand is established with Claire as the Manager. Three months later, Henri retires.

In 1997 it is Liliane's turn to retire. In 1999 Claire buys back her parent's shares in the domain and becomes the sole owner.

Anne works at the domain between 1989 and 1992, then 1995 and 2001, and again from July 2006 to June 2007.

Marie returns to the domain in 2007. Claire, expecting her third son, not in good health, has called her for hemp. Marie assumes the responsibility for receiving the private customers, the exhibits, some of the administrative work, and works in the vineyard in peak periods.

Claire continues to manage the domain, while rearing her three sons (2002, 2004 and 2007).

Anne has two sons, and Marie one son and one daughter.

2009 - A Structure for the Future

Today, and for the last 15 years, the domain is managed by a woman, and it is a constant challenge. It took a lot of adaptation to allow Claire to free time for her family. Chantal and Emmanuel had to take additional responsibilities.

In 2007, Claire was sick for a long period, but the domain kept on working, showing that the team is performing.

All this has a cost: capable employees are costly, so is careful work, with no compromises. On this domain, everybody receives a salary. And Claire's husband has his own domain, so he will not help on Sundays. The children are still too young, and the parents have already contributed sufficiently in the past.

The domain works like any other business. Unfortunately this is not the case everywhere. Some of the labor is unpaid at many domains: spouses, children, relatives... which allows to sell the wine for less, but can create serious issues because if one of the free resources is missing, the economics of those domains do not allow for the hiring of a paid replacement with the same expertise.

Moreover, at the domain, all the vineyards are rented, either to the family or to outside parties. This also has a cost. This is also a difference with other domains that do not pay for their land, and do not have a cost for this capital.

Where is the problem? will you ask. First the wines are sold for less, creating a bias in competition. Second, when there is no sound economic basis, transmission is very difficult, compromising the future as the domains must be broken apart.

At the Domaine Naudin, everything has been done to insure the future. It owns its buildings, its material, its stocks. There is a dynamic and stable team to assume the work load if Claire is not available. And the rental cost of the vineyards is included in the cost of the wines, allowing for a fair price that allows the domain to secure its resources.

And the future is there, as Claire has three children, Marie two and Anne two as well.

The team

Today, Claire manages a team of full time people:

2002 / 2015 - Those who departed…

Henri passed away in 2013. his spirit remains strongly over the domain that owes him so much. A memorial page is available on our French pages.

Jeanne, Henri's sister, who worked all her live on the domain, mainly in the vineyard. She passed away in 2002 but we think about her often

René was part of the team for 25 years. He started very young, as the second employee of Henri. He passed away in 2003.

Gaby worked for 36 years in the domain, an exceptionally long career. Very capable, he was Henri's first employee. Henri told of him "He could have worked for his own domain but chose to for me as he would have done for him. Today he is retired.

Chantal retired in June 2015 after 14 years with us.

Marie has now made a career switch.

Liliane takes care of her grand children when the mothers are working on the domain, and occasionally answers the phone. She is also of great help during the harvest.