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The Fine de Bourgogne Naudin-Ferrand

Fine de Bourgogne Naudin Ferrand

Do you know our "Fine de Bourgogne"? We are one of the last domains offering a traditionally matured very old fine.

This fine (brandy) is produced from wine, or more accurately "clair de lie" the wine at the bottom of the barrel that is not clear enough to be bottled.

This wine is then distilated by La Brandevinière, a small traditional distiller next door, in the village of Ladoix Serrigny. They deliver to us a brandy at 50 % vol.

We age it at the domaine, in new or one year old barrels, in a small cellar that my father rehabilitated more than 50 years ago. This allows the alcohol to evaporate slowly and gives the fine its smoothness and complexity. Dad had made it suitable for ageing fines, with more air, drier, and more temperature variations than a wine cellar that would not allow proper ageing of a fine. We use it for fines and marcs.

To sip by the fireplace...

Cave Eaux de Vie Naudin

Fine Hors d'Age

This Fine is a blend of 1996 and 1997 vintages. Here are some explanations of the age indication:

Fine ou Marc de Bourgogne?

What is the difference? Marc  is a liquor distilled from pomace that is left over from winemaking after the grapes are pressed. Unlike fines, most pomace brandies are neither aged nor coloured.

A Fine is produced from wine that contains dead yiest, which gives it a cloudy aspect. It is a quality brandy. Cognac and Armagnac are also fines.

Since 2011, the Marc et Fine de Bourgogne are AOC, like Cognacs and Armagnacs