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News of the Domaine Naudin Ferrand

There is always something happening at the DNF. Here are the latest news. For more, do not hesitate to pay us a visit.

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Les Grands Jours de Bourgogne 2020

The domain wines were showcased during the "Grands Jours de Bourgogne 2020"

2016 harvest

Fin des vendanges 2016 au Domaine Naudin

The 2016 harvest end this Tuesday October 4. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU. The younger generation came to strengthen the team to go hunt for the last berries: with a yield of 3-5 hl/ha in the frozen parcels, you need to walk and search a lot... Likewise, we wanted to do the best in all our parcels, we did not miss a single spot. Yes, the accountant will not be happy, too bad. Some years, you cannot not count. We are glad we have the higher vineyards: in 2016, they save the domain! A picture of the team 2016. More will follow...

23/09/2016 23 septembre2016

As the frost did not take it away, and the mildew has spared it, we are happy to annouce that the harvest has begun on September 23. We started in the Ladoix Premier Cru La Corvée with a small team of 12. In 4 hours, it was done. There are very few berries but the juice is wonderful: fruity, balanced, already colored. The team will grow slightly to continue on Tuesday. What is sure is that the harvesters will need to walk a lot and keep a sharp eye. The weather is favorable, and our morale high. The quantities will be limited, so we will take the greatest care handling the grapes, with full berries going to the press, no sulfite added, etc.

The harvest should happen at the end of September or early October, which will give very elegant wines. After the 2015 expressing a lot of power, we will have again a more classic burgundy style...

The harvest 2015 is now over

The 2015 harvest is now over. I was one of the first to start, on Wednesday September 2 to end the manual part on September 11. For me this decision was natural considering the early maturation and small yield (a small half of the usual volume in red)

The result is very satisfying: the grapes were very healthy, and the harvest happened in very good conditions with no rain. The wines are well balanced, fresh and full of aromas. In a word, 2015 is a very nice vintage.

You will be able to discover the first 2015 for the Aligoté, the Omayga or the Pinot Noir (wihtout added sulfites for the first time).

We have posted a few pictures

Thank you Chantal

After working 14 years for the Domain, Chantal has retired. On June 30th at 6 pm, the entire team, her daughter and her son in law wished her a wonderful retirement at the restaurant La Rôtisserie du Chambertin.

Dégustation à Vinegar Hill New YorkWine tasting in New York

This March, Claire was invited in New York to lead tastings of her wines.

On the 24th, it was "MEET THE WINEMAKERS" , organized by Wine Mc Square Selection

On the 25th, Vinegar Hill House in Brooklyn was the host. On the picture at right Alice Feiring, the famous journalist and wine blogger, who organized the dinner, at the front left, Pascaline Lepeltier, Somelier of Rouge Tomate New York, and in the middle Mike Martin, director at Vintry. Here is the menu!

sakura 2015Sakura 2015

On the 3rd of Mars, Claire was invited in Tokyo, international Foodex, to hand over the trophy of best female winemaker for 2015, awarded by Japanese female someliers and wine experts. Claire, who had won it in 2014, transferred it to Gioia Cresti, de la Fattoria Carpineto Fontalpino. She used the opportunity to train the teams of her Japanese importer Kinoshita, and pay a visit to some restaurants serving her wines.

"Le Rouge et le Blanc" has Claire on the cover!

The only independant French wine magazine present Claire on page one of the Winter 2014-2015 issue. They prepared a parcel map of the domain that we can share with you

Fine de Bourgogne 31 marsFine de Bourgogne AOC

Our "Fine de Bourgogne" comes anew... Brandies are not very common nowadays, so we are even prouder to reintroduce this Fine de Bourgogne AOC and Hors d'Age, which means at least 10 years (we have blended 1996 and 1997 so it is about 15 years old!) to sip by the fireplace!