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My Little Vine 2014

For the eight year, I have been tracking the evolution of this little vine in "Les Echezeaux". Today, I post those observations, with many others, on my Instagram account. Do not hesitate to compare to the previous years to see the impact of the weather: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009.

08/10/2014 19 novembre 2014

Wednesday November 19
Now, my little vine is ready to face Winter: the leaves have fallen, the woods hardened to resist frost. We have pre trimmed but the final pruning will happen in January or February. 
The grass has grown and is now protecting the soil from erosion..

08/10/2014 8 octobre 2014

Wednesday October 8
Now that it has given me those nice grapes, my little vine needs to rest. But before Winter, it is now time to store nutriments: the leaves take those nice shades of red and gold, while they give their energy back to the stems to allow those to resist the frost during the winter then to nourish the new sprouts next spring.

12/09/2014 12 septembre 2014

Friday September 12
For once, our first cuts for the harvest were in the Nuits Damodes parcel on Friday September 12 in the morning, with our small team of seasoned "vendangeurs". The Echezeaux was next. After a careful sorting, the result is promissing. The harvest will continue on the 16th for about 10 days.

25/08/2014 25 aout 2014

Monday August 25
My little vine is waiting for the harvest. Since Saturday, the sun is back, and our morale is up. We hope for an ideal ripening of the berries in the final stretch for good wines. So the harvest is now pushed back around September 16-17. We will keep you posted!

09/08/2014 9 aout 2014

Saturday August 9
In spite of an August weather that was not always favorable, the berries continues to turn, confirming our forecast to begin the harvest around September 11.

15/07/2014 15 juillet 2014

Tuesday July 15
The storm has passed, followed by two weeks of cold dreary weather. It was hard on our morale. But the sun is back and my little vine is doing well, and she resisted oidium. Soon the berries will begin to change color.‎..

03/07/2014 3 juillet 2014

Thursday July 3
My little vine has been damaged by last Saturday's hail, as the entire domain's vineyard. But we have some grapes left on the vines, unlike our colleagues in Beaune, Pommard, Volay or Meursault... It's brutal, it's unfair, it's life.

05/06/2014 5 juin 2014

Thursday June 5
‎After the light rain yesterday, the sun is back, the flowering stage is starting and should progress well as we expect the right weather in the coming days. Hope...

28/04/2014 28 avril 2014

Monday April 28
This morning I went to work on my little vine which does not grow very fast with this cold weather. So, I have removed some buds, with moderation, and removed the grass with energy, as it does not suffedr the cold

30/03/2014 30 mars 2014

Sunday March 30
Friday, my little vine has been "scratched", a shallow tilling, by Jérôme, our contractor, on Friday. After a few nice rainless days, the soil was ideal for this. Now we need to attach the thin branches. Our back will have to contribute...

23/03/2014 23 mars 2014

Sunday March 23
Wednesday, Manu, Gael et Jean-Louis have pruned my little vine while I was in Beaune for the "Grands Jours". If the weather is good enough, we will plant some new vines this week, something we have tried to do for months but could not because of the rain... 2014 does not look like an easy year, but we keep the spirit !

7/03/2014 7 mars 2014

Friday March 7
Last week, my little vine has received its first hand pruning. Ma petite vigne à été pretaillee à la main la semaine dernière. It will be pruned more in the coming days. The little blue pimpernel (Anagallis foemina) are growing quietly: the very wet winter did not allow for working the soil. We will do a shallow tilt as soon as possible.‎